Are you looking for Halloween contacts to give you an amazing new look this spooky season but don’t want to go down the usual road of demons, witches and werewolves? If you’re keen to try something completely different this October, we’ve got some brilliant ideas for you in the form of our anime contact lenses.

Anime is more popular than ever before when it comes to cosplay, and it isn’t hard to see why. Anime lenses have been designed specifically to give you the classic Japanese cartoon look, and they’ll certainly add a hint of “kawaii” to any outfit.

If you’re considering going to a Halloween party as a character from Naruto or are keen to create a generic manga look, you won’t have to look any further than our impressive range.

We stock an enormous selection of anime contacts that are sure to transform your appearance in an instant and attract attention at any party or event for all the right reasons.

Take Halloween To A Different Level

There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd this Halloween than by choosing a unique anime- themed costume and pairing it with the perfect matching anime contacts. Quirky and unusual, these lenses can add a whole new breathtaking layer to your costume.

Wearing colored contacts for Halloween is becoming more common these days, but our anime range is something else! Far more versatile and significantly more eye-catching, these stunning lenses will add a cartoon vibe to your Halloween ensemble.

What Sets Anime Contacts Apart?

There are many different types of Halloween contacts on the market today. However, most people tend to choose standard designs. White, red or black contacts for Halloween are all popular choices and while they look great they don’t have the distinctive look that anime contacts do.

Anime contacts have a completely different look to regular colored contact lenses, often because of their funky designs and extra large pupils that make the iris really stand out. These unique-looking lenses are the only way to really put a true finishing touch to a manga cosplay outfit, whether you’re attending a convention or event or going to a Halloween costume party.

One of the most interesting things about anime, which any fan will tell you, is the mount of variation in the artistic style and stories of this genre. Even within its world there are numerous subgenres of anime and that makes it really easy to find a character and look that really suits you. Naruto Themed Lenses

Some of the most popular anime costumes have to be from the popular Naruto Shippudden series, and now you can add the perfect finishing touch to your ninja costume with our Naruto contact lenses. We stock a range of Naruto lenses to match different characters from the show including Itachis Mangekyou Sharingen red contacts for Halloween that are sure to please all fans of the hit show. You can create the look of a fully matured level 3 sharingen by simply popping a pair of these into your eyes as you head off to your Halloween party or trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Our Sasuke lenses come in a choice of two colors – red and blue – and boast the same pattern as the character’s own unusual eyes, enabling you to create an entirely authentic looking costume with all the attention to detail that cosplaying deserves – you’ll look just right all the way up to your eyes!

Big Eye Lenses

The Kawaii look isn’t just totally anime, it’s also super cute and now you can make your eyes look bigger in that iconic Japanese style by opting for a pair of manga contact lenses. We stock a range of colors to suit your preferences and sense of style, from vibrant green to brilliant blue and glowing red. Each color boasts the same extra-large pupil that will enhance your eyes and add a chic and sweet feel to your outfit.

Big eye lenses look so cute that you might want to carry on wearing them for everyday use long after Halloween is over. Well, you’re in luck, because our big eye manga style lenses all last for 90 days, so you can enjoy plenty of wear from your contact lens purchase!

Will Anime Lenses Work On Dark Eyes?

If you naturally have dark brown eyes, you may be wondering whether our Halloween contacts in anime designs will work with your natural pigmentation – after all, nobody wants to buy a pair of lenses only to find that they don’t make any difference to their eyes at all! Fortunately, there’s no need to worry when you buy your contacts from us!

We only stock lenses that incorporate the most vibrant and rich color pigments so your lenses will give you superior color coverage no matter how dark your irises are! Feel free to choose from our selection of colors from red to blue and green – all work equally well regardless of your eye color, and all will look fantastic as part of your overall anime ensemble.

Are Anime Lenses Comfortable To Wear?

No matter which type or style of anime lenses you choose for your Halloween costume finishing touch you can be sure that you’ll find our contacts amazingly comfortable to wear. That’s because they are supremely soft and have a high water content so your eyes remain properly hydrated for hours.

Simple to wear, easy to clean and a breeze to store, our anime contacts are suitable for even first time wearers thanks to their user friendly instructions, and because they’re non-prescription you won’t need to worry about damaging your eyes.

Not all anime contacts that you can buy online are as safe or as comfortable to wear as ours, so we’d recommend that you make sure you’ve chosen a pair of lenses from a reputable supplier like Spooky Eyes so that you can be confident that you won’t be putting your vision at risk while you rock your cool Halloween look.