This year we introduced our sclera range which has proved crazy popular. Our range includes Full Eye Black Sclera Contacts and Mini-Sclera Contacts in red, white or black. All of our Sclera Contact Lenses feature a transparent centre ensuring that you can see how scared your friends are when they first encounter those Spooky Eyes! These unique lenses are the ultimate in scare factor and can work with any outfit or style, we have seen bandaged headed Mummies, Hammer-Horror style Draculas and Witches that are wicked. The Sclera Lens caters for all and is sure to make you the one to be seen with this Halloween.

Get the look of your favourite horror movie characters by adding a pair of stand-out Halloween Colored Contacts to get your freak on this year. We offer an incredible range of high-quality Sclera Contacts that will enhance your freaky look; your sclera lenses are guaranteed to take your terrifying look to the next level! Our high-quality Halloween Contacts all feature a high-water content to ensure that your eyes are comfortable all night through. If you are looking for ideas for this year's costume check out our Gallery and Inspiration pages for some awesome costume designs.

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If you’re planning a truly dramatic Halloween costume this year to terrify the neighborhood while you’re out trick or treating or partying with your friends, a pair of sclera contacts is just what you need. The perfect Halloween contacts, sclera lenses are truly scary due to their ability to cover up your natural eyes entirely and give you a frightening appearance.

When you’re looking for colored contacts for Halloween, you’re sure to find a pair of sclera lenses to suit your needs. We stock a variety of full eye and mini sclera lenses in a variety of shades, so whether you need red, yellow, white or black contacts for Halloween, we’re sure to have something that puts the perfect finishing touch to your scary outfit.

What Are Sclera Lenses?

Standard colored contacts for Halloween usually look more or less like your natural eyes. While some may be unusual shades – for example, red contacts at Halloween are very popular if you’re dressing up as a demon or werewolf while white contacts at Halloween could be a great choice if you’re dressing as a zombie or ghost – but the shape of the iris and pupil are generally roughly normal.

Sclera lenses are completely different. This is because they cover the entire eye – the pupil, iris and the white of the eye too. This means that they can create a completely different and dramatic result just by popping them in as an addition to your perfect costume.

Different Types Of Sclera Lenses

Sclera lenses come in a range of styles and colors. Full sclera lenses cover the entirety of the eye so that none of the original natural eye can be seen. Mini sclera lenses, meanwhile, are designed to cover most, but not all of the eye. This means that they make your irises and pupils appear unnaturally large, but there is still some white of the eye visible.

Which Color Sclera Lenses Are Available?

If you’re keen to put a spooky finishing touch to your Halloween outfit, you may be wondering which color sclera lenses are available so you can find the perfect match. Black sclera lenses are among the most popular, simply because they can give you a “dead” eye look that is about as frightening as it gets at Halloween. They are an absolutely perfect addition to a zombie or demon costume. For those who would rather not cover their entire eye, there are also black mini sclera lenses in our range that can create a bold look.

Red full and mini sclera lenses are also available and are a popular choice thanks to their demon-like appearance. Ideal for making your eyes appear to be full of blood, these red contacts for Halloween are sure to turn heads!

Perhaps white contacts for Halloween will have the spooky effect you’re trying to create? We also have a choice of mini white sclera lenses that can give you a zombie-like look if you’re keen to replicate the Living Dead.

We also have patterned and unusual full and mini sclera Halloween contacts such as the black full sclera lenses with a yellow flash through the center, Sunpyre full sclera lenses to replicate the X Men Alpha Flight look, and Warlock full eye lenses for an unnerving appearance. Another truly unique option is the Dark Angel lens which only covers the white of the eye leaving the pupil and iris their natural shade – it really does create a mind-bending look!

How Do Sclera Lenses Work?

Because sclera lenses look different to standard Halloween contacts it isn’t surprising that many people wonder how they work and whether they’ll be able to see properly when wearing them. You can rest assured that you’ll experience no vision problems when you pop a pair of either mini or full sclera lenses into your eyes. This is because the center of these contact lenses has been left entirely transparent so you can see right through them, even though they appear to be obscuring your entire eye.

Will Sclera Lenses Fit My Eyes?

Another common question about sclera lenses is whether or not they will fit properly since they cover more than just the pupil and iris. In most cases, you’ll find that these lenses fit perfectly, but if you’re concerned, you could always opt for the mini sclera lenses which don’t cover the entire white of the eye and fit in the same way as regular colored contacts.

Since sclera lenses cover more of the eye than regular contacts it may take you a little longer to get used to putting them in and taking them out, especially if you’ve never worn contact lenses before, so take time to practice before you head off to your Halloween event!

Will Sclera Lenses Work On All Eye Colors?

Sclera lenses have an especially rich pigment built in so that they cover the eye’s natural color entirely. Even if you choose a light color for your contacts, such as yellow, you’ll find that your own irises are entirely obscured without impacting on your vision. Even if you have very dark brown eyes naturally, all of our sclera lenses will work for you.

Are Sclera Contact Lenses Comfortable To Wear?

Although it may take a little more time to get used to putting sclera contact lenses into your eyes and taking them out again, once you’re used to them you’ll find that they’re surprisingly comfortable to wear. We only stock soft lenses with a high water content so they’ll keep your eyes well-hydrated for the full duration of your Halloween party.

When you buy sclera contacts from us you can also be sure that they’ll be safe for use. Not all contact lenses bought online are designed with safety in mind, and protecting your eyesight couldn’t be more important. When you shop at Spooky Eyes you can rest assured that all of our products have been safety approved by recognized bodies and won’t damage your vision while you turn heads this Halloween!