Crazy and scary, our white out contact lenses are the perfect way to create that Zombie look. White contact lenses completely cover your natural eye color and give you allwhite eyes that look zombified and shocking. White out contacts are ideal for Halloween costumes and they put you at the center of attention wherever you go. Spooky Eyes offer a massive range of Halloween Contacts including white contact lenses in different designs, as well as Vampire Contacts, Werewolf Contacts and beautiful colored contact lenses.

Are White Contact Lenses Safe?

A common question asked by those who are considering buying a pair of white Halloween contact lenses is whether or not they’re really safe to wear. The good news is that, yes, if you buy your Halloween lenses from a reputable supplier, you can have complete confidence in the safety of your eyes and vision when you’re out terrifying people on 31st October.

When you purchase from Spooky Eyes, you can have peace of mind that all of the lenses that we stock are of the highest quality and are FDA approved for wear.

We supply our lenses in packaging which is sterile and all of the products we stock made according to the EU Cosmetics Directive and have International Standards of quality control from ISO. With a high water content, our lenses are also incredibly comfortable to wear, so you won’t have painful, itching or sore eyes while you’re enjoying all the spooky fun this Halloween.