Halloween Horror Nights

If you're off to one of the many Halloween Horror Nights happening this year then Spooky Eyes has a few suggested events that may be of interest to you. Read More

Celebrities Who Wear Colored Conatcts

Colored Contact lenses are a way of making a statement and enable anyone to change eye color on a daily basis if they want to! Today contact lenses are not just for correcting vision, they can add color to and accessorise any outfit. Read More

Good Omens

There are good omens if you’re looking to really rock Halloween with a great costume that is straight out of hell. One of the big TV events of the year so far has been the adaptation of the Good Omens novel. Read More

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum has been dubbed the Queen of Halloween – and it’s easy to see why. Read More

No Ordinary Makeup Mom

A mom-of-three who’s become an internet star through her amazing character make-up creations and spectacular cosplay outfits has revealed where she gets her colored contact lenses from. Read More

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may have finished on TV but this most celebrated of shows lives on thanks to legions of cosplayers. Read More


Have you heard beloved musical Cats is being turned into a big-budget, big-name movie set for release this holiday season ? Read More

Addams Family

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are the epitome of a super showbiz couple. Read More

Nicky Hilton

We all love a bit of nostalgia, right? And we all enjoy a bit of humor, yes? Nicky Hilton served up both in a big way last Halloween. Read More

Neil Patrick Harris

People, including us, have named supermodel Heidi Klum as the queen of Halloween – deservedly so when you see the amazing costumes she’s worn over the years. Read More

Kylie Jenner

Halloween is a time for expressing yourself and letting out your inner creativity, and nobody could accuse Kylie Jenner of not doing that last year. Read More

Kourtney Kardashian

When you look at photos showing the eldest of the three famous Kardashian sisters, it’s unlikely your mind will jump to pop music superstar Ariana Grande. Read More

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith Shows Off 2020’s Most Eye-Catching Trend – Vogue Magazine. Read More

Joker Film

It’s no joke, whispers behind the screens are now seriously suggesting Joaquin Phoenix could be in with a chance of lifting an Oscar for his portrayal of the Dark Knight’s oldest foe. Read More

IT Chapter Two film

Cinemas across America have announced they will ban film fans from wearing masks to new screenings following fears they could lead to violence. Read More