When you look at photos showing the eldest of the three famous Kardashian sisters, it’s unlikely your mind will jump to pop music superstar Ariana Grande.

But transforming your appearance into something completely different and unexpected is a big part of Halloween – and that’s exactly what Kourtney Kardashian did last year.

Her metamorphosis into the ‘thank u, next’ singer was spookily accurate – we certainly did a double-take when reminded of the photo she posted on Instagram with the caption “God is a woman”.

Complete with Ariana’s trademark ponytail, knee-high boots and minidress, it was a thoroughly convincing conversion which would have been worthy of dropping the mic she held in her hand.

Since both women have dark brown eyes, Kourtney didn’t have to worry about changing that particular feature. But had she needed to alter her eyes, a pair of colored contact lenses would have done the job.

They don’t just have to be for this one night, but Halloween contacts can really complete a costume by giving you the authentic color of the person or character you’re trying to be.

Contacts come in a huge selection of shades and styles, including sexy brown if you too are inspired to dress up as Ariana.

While Kourt may not have needed them, other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are not averse to wearing colored contacts. Kylie Jenner’s natural eye color is rumored to be a light shade of brown but normally she prefers to rock blue contacts to make her eyes pop.

Be sure when choosing Halloween contacts or lenses for other times that you follow all the correct medical advice to look after your eyes. Also, buy from a reputable source and get the highest quality products.

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