Halloween is a time for expressing yourself and letting out your inner creativity, and nobody could accuse Kylie Jenner of not doing that last year.

The reality TV star turned cosmetics mogul dressed up as a giant glamorous pink butterfly for the occasion.

The costume was likely a nod to the various butterfly connections which this famous young woman has – for example, her boyfriend Travis Scott has a song called Butterfly Effect and the pair have matching butterfly tattoos.

Wearing the outfit was possibly quite a scary experience for her as she has previously revealed being terrified of butterflies! Going by her Instagram photo, she didn’t suffer too much trauma as she made her own butterfly effect look cool and classy. Besides, Halloween should be a scary time!

If you’re inspired by Kylie to dress as an insect this Halloween, you could give some thought to completing your look with a pair of colored contact lenses.

A pair of butterfly blue or butterfly violet colored contacts would look gorgeous. Alternatively, get a freaky new look with white mesh contact lenses. White contacts cover both your pupil and iris, making your eyes look like an insect - perfect for Halloween costumes and making a statement.

As we mentioned, Halloween is all about expressing yourself and letting out your inner creativity, and colored contacts can really help you transform your appearance.

The possibilities are near endless, whether you’re going to a party as a vampire, zombie, werewolf or any other crazy character. These days, colored lenses are no longer just the domain of theatre or TV costume designers.

As always, if you’re buying Halloween contacts, make sure you do so from a reputable source, you get the highest quality products and you follow all the safety instructions to protect your eye health.

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